Yowela Farms

Yowela Farms comes from the Oneida work Yowela?talíh^, meaning “gentle wind”. Specialty Indigenous corn and other crop production together with livestock and poultry to maximize regenerative practices.


Welcome to Yowela Farms

Yowela Farm, short for Yowela?talí^ meaning “gentle wind” in Oneida, is an Indigenous-owned with a focus on Indigenous crops and land management approaches.

Main products include several Indigenous corn, hand-harvested wild rice, pasture-raised beef and poultry, chicken and duck eggs, hand-harvested wild rice, and maple and box elder syrup.

We also host seasonal dinners with guest chefs and special harvest events.

Interested in getting involved? We’re currently looking for volunteers, interns, and possibly a couple staff members. Fill out this short form to start a discussion.

Discover Unique Flavors

of Indigenous Foods

Products grown and produced by Yowela Farms reflect Indigenous foods of the Great Lakes Region. Several of this products are available for purchase and through our special seasonal dinners

Our Products

Indigenous Corn

Heirloom Varieties
Haudenosaunee and other Indigenous seeds

Beef and Poultry

Pasture-raised animals
Sustainably raised beef, chickens, and ducks. Both meat and eggs are available

Other Specialty Items

Syrup, Sugar, and Crops
Silver maple and box elder syrup, pumpkins and squash, speciality crops, and hand-harvested wild rice

Learn More

To learn more, call us (608) 280–1267 or use the form below.

Yowela Farms

Open Hours

By appointment


2625 Oak Lawn Road
Stoughton, WI 53589

Farmers Markets

Dane County Farmers Market
Usually vend once per month