Some products are available year-round and others are seasonal

Indigenous Corns

We primarily grow corn to maintain seed populations supporting seed access for other Native growers. However, limited quantities of processed corns are sometimes available for retail purchase. We don’t sell seed or distribute to the general public.

Bear Island Flint
This multi-color Ojibwe calico corn makes great hominy for soups and salads

Oneida White
The Oneida (Tuscorora) White Corn is a flour corn great for grinding to make corn bread and mush, but also makes a nice hominy for soups and salads

Haudenosaunee Black Sweet
This heritage variety only has a small window of time where the color is visible and it’s still sweet. Catching it during that window is a real treat. It can also be harvested when mature and processed like other corns.

Haudenosaunee Calico
Traditional Alsatian dish made with home-smoked bacon and onions

Red Lake Flint
Served warm with honey and croûtons

Mohawk Red Flour
While we have limited

Meat and Eggs

Grass-fed Beef
Individual packages and 1/8 to full animals are available. We also offer special packages with mixtures of hamburger, roasts, and steaks

Pasture Poultry
We sell whole frozen chicken or you can purchase a live animal if you want it really fresh.

Chicken and Duck Eggs
Buy a dozen or consider a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription

Live goats are available for special order if you want to process yourself. We can also coordinate processing with advance notice.

Other Specialty Products

Box Elder Syrup
Lighter than maple with subtle yet distinct notes of caramel and vanilla

Silver Maple Syrup
Similar to sugar maple syrup yet requiring more sap to make the same amount of syrup. Silver maple syrup is complex in flavor, with many people preferring its taste to sugar maple

Silver Maple Sugar
Maple syrup eventually turns to sugar, which was the original way most Tribes processed sap since it stores longer and more easily

Pumpkins and Squash
Pumpkins and squash are available in fall and into winter. Limited quantities of dried squash and blossoms are sometimes available

Specialty Vegetables
We also grow an assortment of other speciality crops, including garlic, potatoes, okra, tomatoes, and herbs

Hand-Harvested Wild Rice
We hand-harvest wild rice from northern lakes every late summer/early fall. Quantities are limited

All products are sustainably-produced with practices incorporating Indigenous perspectives and advancing regenerative approaches.

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